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We always find ways to provide quality content to our readers. The number of shopping malls is growing and there is a huge business prospect in this industry. This magazine will help those who want to start a business in this sector.

Modern shopping malls offer lots of special facilities for guests and from this magazine, people will know more about these extras.

We want to enrich our magazine with more information and the latest news about this industry. If you have good knowledge and experience in this sector, you can join our team.

We seek some special qualities in our writers. First of all, we want you to write an original article and no copied material. Your writing style should be conversational so that readers of all levels can understand your work.

You should focus on topics that are relevant to our magazine. We recommend that you go through our archive and look at some of our published articles to get an idea about what we generally cover.

We will guide you in every step, so you will get an opportunity to learn new writing skills from experts. It is a wonderful opportunity for you to build up your profile as an established writer in this niche.